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Chow Chow Puppies

Turn to A Great Dog to select one of our Chow Chow puppies. Ideal for strong-minded owners, these dogs are extremely loyal and will bond closely with you. Call or email us today to begin the selection process and find your new furbaby from us.

Chow Chows in the Snow


An ancient Chinese breed dating back to 300B.C.  The Chow Chow dogs had  many purposes.  These intelligent canines were tasked with pulling carts, guarding property, hunting and during the medievil battles, they were trained to  bite the legs of charging horses so that they would buck off the warriors and cause the knights riding them to fall. Thus soldiers were able to rush in to get the upper hand on the fallen enemies.


There are two types determined by hair type. Distinguishing the two types of Chow Chow puppies from each other is easy. If the dog has a lion-like appearance, it will have a Rough Coat. The pups that look like bears will have smooth coat.  Smooth Coat Chows tolerate heat better and are easier to groom. Both types of dogs have identical temperaments.

Being a Responsible Owner

Before choosing your new pet from us, you must consider if you're ready to tame a Chow Chow.  They are a medium size breed and extremely strong and stubborn. These dogs are not a particularly active breed, which makes them do well in an apartment setting. You must also be ready to take them on a brisk walk each day to meet their physical stimulation needs.

Chow Chows crave routine. For this reason, you must establish one for them so that they can maintain a happy and content disposition. Dogs of this breed are cat-like in nature. They have an IQ of a small child. This means you need to  stimulate them mentally in order for them to give you respect. Please note a Chow Chow will become your master if you don't tame them and train them properly.


Chows are double coated, with a thick undercoat that protects them from weather elements. Dead hair sheds and must be removed by brushing through the top coat which remains.  This assures that the skin can breathe. Shedding occurs twice a year during which the entire undercoat blows.  One should never shave a Chow as this removes the critical top coat.

Happy Chow Chow

Red Rough Coat Chow

Red Rough Coat Chow male, enjoying his new Family in Chicago.

Red Rough Coat Male Chow Red Rough Coat Chow

Our New Blue Rough Coat Chow

Fang, our new home bred and raised Blue Chow male will be added to our breeding program. We are expecting new and exciting colors from him.  New Chow puppies are expected for March 2024.  Reserve now

Blue Rough Coat Male Chow Blue Rough Coat Male Chow

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