Rat Terrier/Feist Dogs

What are Rat Terrier/Feist dogs? They are a cross between a Rat Terrier and a Feist Terrier. They are mostly 10-12 inches at the shoulders and can weigh between 5 and 10 pounds. They are quite petite in stature, but are tough as nails. Rat Terrier/Feists are of course, great hunters, but love to be with their people They are a sight, scent and sound dog and will sense, pounce and alert of any intruders.  They are fiercely loyal and affectionate.  Rat Terrier/Feists make excellent pets, family dogs and get along well with other dogs. Also, they can tolerate colder temperatures well with proper conditioning and will seek out sunny and warm spots, hiding, watching, pouncing and alerting of any intruders in their domain. As it gets dark outside, they want to be inside with their people or pack. They make great companion dogs.

Rat Terrier Feist Mixed Breed Puppy

Rat Terrier/Feist Mix Puppies

We have had many Terrier breeds throughout the years as vermin control around our Kennel. Having Farming operations on all sides of our property, critters are attracted to our kennel seeking water, warmth and food.

We had mixed results with cats, Jack Russels, pure bred Rat Terriers and lately Feist Terriers.  Cats just wanted to play with the critters. Jack Russels were excellent hunters and had an incredible prey drive, but they would leave and return days later, hunting on everyone's  properties. Rat Terriers were better, but still would hunt miles away.  The Feist were a little too small to hunt some of the critters. A Cross between the Feist Terrier and the Rat Terrier was the ticket. Rat Terrier/Feists were not as tiny  (around 5-10#), very loyal and attached to us and always want to be inside at night. They loved their creature comforts and were excellent hunters too.

Current Rat Terrier/Feist Puppies
These are our Current available Terriers. They were born 8/18/23 and weigh 4 pounds.

Please view our adoption policies and fill out an application to adopt one of these puppies. Rat Terrier/Feist puppies are $250 as an introductory price. They will have the same health gurantee as a reduced price puppy. 

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