Adoption Policy

Thank you for considering adding a lovable pet from A Great Dog to your family. Click to view our adoption policy, which tells you everything you need to know before receiving a dog from us.

Adoption Process

1) View and understand our adoption Policies.
2) View these three videos;

Fill our adoption application. (click to view)

3) Select desired Puppy from available videos. See latest videos on YouTube (
4) On approval of application, send non refundable deposit.
5) Receive weekly videos showing your puppy's maturing progress.
6) Arrange for pickup after 56 days from birth date.

Puppy Selection

The best time to pick out a puppy is at 4 weeks since that is the time the puppy will start to distinguish itself and show its character and form a unique personality. However, the puppy will not be ready for a new home before it is 8 weeks old, which will allow us time to screen the puppies for any health issues and provide necessary vaccinations. You can select a puppy in two ways:

  • By viewing posted pictures and videos of available puppies on the Web page, or on YouTube (;
  • Through advanced reservations, you are allowed to select a puppy based on your preference for sex and color before the puppies are advertised or posted on our web page. Choosing a puppy is done on a first come, first served basis, with the person who makes the first reservation by deposit, getting the first choice. The person who makes the second deposit gets the second choice, and so on.
  • Advanced reservations can be made by sending a deposit of $100 for Shih Tzu and $200 for Chow Chow puppies.
  • An adoption application (located on contact page) must be filled out before deposits are accepted.
  • Puppy Prices can be viewed by clicking hereChow puppies, Shih Tzu Puppies All sales subject to IA sales tax of 7%.
  • Rat Terrier/Feist Puppies are $250 introductory price.
  • Occasionally we will have reduced price puppies that are a little older. Click Here for availability.

Payment Options.

  • Cash (preferred method)
  • Checks (prior authorization required)
  • Paypal (must be made prior to pickup, add 3.5% Service Fee

Raw Feeding

Please view the YouTube movie PET FOOleD ( before you decide what to feed your new puppy. Learn how to read dog food labels here, and research diets best suited for your puppy.

We feed Human Grade Fresh Raw Food to all our dogs and puppies, which has known health benefits that promotes a strong, healthy immune system that protects a dog from many diseases thus extending longevity.  Unless your dog food label specifically states Human Grade Ingredients, it will contain "4D" meat, this means meat from dying, diseased, disabled, and dead animals, especially livestock like cattle. View more details by clicking here.  While this takes quite a commitment for dog owners, we will show and guide you through the simple inexpensive process of making your own dog's food.  For those that are unable to commit to making your own dog food, we will give you recommendations for purchasing premade, human grade, balanced pet food. Your dog will love you for doing this and reward you with fewer Vet visits. Research has shown an 80% reduction in Vet bills by properly raw feeding your dog.

A Great Dog Policy for All Visitors

In an effort to provide healthy disease-free puppies to the public, we have  a visitor policy. With puppies in various stages of growth that may not yet have received complete vaccinations, any outside bacteria or viruses introduced can be lethal. Also, the excitement and disruption of the pregnant mothers can damage and even kill unborn puppies or puppies still in nursery by mothers stepping or laying on them. Even the older dogs may be at risk, and they can become carriers of viruses to the newborns later. Thus, we cannot allow visitors to visit unvaccinated puppies, have any contact with breeding stock, or newborn puppies not yet weaned.

This policy is not meant to offend anyone. We are doing this to protect our beloved dogs and puppies. If this is a problem for anyone, please consider finding a different breeder. Thank you for your understanding.

As the health of our dogs and puppies is of highest importance, even after adoption, we have diet, vaccination and neutering recommendations.  If these recommendations are followed, we can offer a Limited Lifetime Health Guarantee. (click to view)

Important Notes

While our puppies can be used for show or breeding, no guarantee is made that they would be suitable for that purpose. Breeding voids the health guarantee.

We communicate mainly via email. You will be responsible for checking email updates during puppy selection time. Failure to do so and to respond in the  time frame asked could result in your loss on place for selection and your deposit.

We can email or text video updates, if requested, in order to show you how your selected puppy is maturing. If you are not 100% satisfied, you may opt to wait for a different puppy from another litter.

If circumstances do not allow you to receive your puppy at the time due, we will happily keep the puppy and care for it until you are ready for him/her. There will be a $20 a month fee for the care and extra vaccinations that may be needed. The puppy must be paid for in full. Any cancellations will be dealt with in accordance with the return policy. (click to view)

Please note that:

  • We do not offer stud services.
  • We prefer not to supply puppies as breeding stock.
  • We prefer not to sell to pet stores.

Please continue to Contact page to fill out an application

  • We prefer not to sell to pet brokers.
  • We do not wholesale puppies.

Pay Your Deposit with PayPal to Burgs@Agreatdog.Com